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Laser Plastics

By combining innovation and technology we are able to provide our customers with the most cost effective molding methods available with experience using commodity resins as well as engineered materials with or without fillers.

Part to Print Assurance

Laser Plastics can assist you with PPAP, first article, and product testing.

The pressroom and warehouse are connected to expedite the shipment of long or short runs. Assembly and sub-assembly services are offered along with customized packaging.

We also provide engineering services such as part design and 3D modeling to prove mold ability.

We employ hot runner systems with custom or modular frames. This aids us in maintaining complete control of the quality and time frame for each production run.

Quality Vision

We have found that the common goal of a finished product to print is more achievable when engineering, processing, and the tool room are linked and working together. Our focus is establishing a process to qualify a new tool, proving that it has the capability of making a part to print, and quickly getting the tool into production

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