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Laser Tool & Plastics

Laser Tool & Plastics caters to the worldwide market and focuses on a segment of injection molding that requires the finest skills and the latest technology. We provide these essential elements in a state of the art manufacturing facility.

To complement this, we have suppliers capable of delivering exotic metals and high engineered plastics.

Laser Tool & Plastics is a proud member of the NWPA NTMA. The NTMA provides us with 500 professionals to assist us in providing you high quality secondary operations such as vacuum heat treating, multiple types of plating, polishers, precision welders, etching, engraving, and more.

Laser Tool & Plastics is a company that strives to emulate the main attributes of the laser: speed, precision, focus, and versatility. These attributes have been our guiding philosophy since our inception in 1979.

Please visit our Contact page for the 6 easy ways to contact Laser Tool & Plastics and make your operation produce top quality, American made products at an affordable price.

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